Bridging people, Intertwining knowledge with experience, We, Hanbit+ are a Digital Content Company committed to changing the world.

For the past 27 years, there is one philosophy
I kept close to heart was to publish a book that readers will trust.
To take each step with care and publishs with sincerity.
It may not always have been enough, but I believe we have made it
this far because the integrity of our philosophy has been recognized by our readers.
I would like to take this opportunity to convey my deep-rooted gratitude for our readers.
I would also like to thank all the authors and translators for sharing their extensive knowledge through our books
To answer to your love and support, Hanbit will strive to develop as a better publication than we have been in the last decades.

We strive to be

  • A publication that readers can trust regardless timeless time
  • A publication that we ourselves love and value; a company with dignity and a healthy publication culture
  • A publication that reaches beyond Korea, Asia, out to the world
We always publish each and every book with our vision and the belief that we can keep our promises with our readers. Thank you for your interest in our Company, our brands and our books.

Tae-Heon Kim, CEO

IT world opened through books

With a motto of the 'IT world opened through books', Hanbit Media has been introducing publications for IT professionals such as programming, computer engineering, IT essay, Make (magazine), eBook(RealTime), as well as instructional and practical computer guides as OA, graphic related publications for non-professionals.

For effective teaching and learning experience!

IT and Engineering textbooks for university students. Hanbit Academy is publishing various university textbooks with expert authors in Korea.

A book made by honest people

Through 'I am new series' and 'Right Now' series for beginners in business, we publish books that present a path to be a master of economy, business management and financial investment.

Our book is light on your life

As an imprint of Hanbit Media, Hanbit life publishes books that can brightly shed light on all of us.

Books written in the heart of a mother

Hanbit Edu is specialized in publishing books, designed to learn educational benefits, for preschoolers and elementary schoolers in the areas of mathematics, science, learning logical thinking, fine arts and entertainments as well as general interest titles.

Only for computer programmer eBook

As an imprint of Hanbit Media, RealTime publishes an e-Book that delivers the actionable knowledge, key skills, core information of fast-changing emerging technologies for IT professionals.

Our History

  • 2023

    • 30th Anniversary of Hanbit Publishing Network
    • Hanbit Biz published the Bestseller <AI Lecture by Tae Woong Park> in 2023
    • CEO Taeheon Kim receives Presidential Citation on BOOK DAY

  • 2022

    • <The Art of Working with AI> and 6 other books selected as SEJOIN Books
    • <The Changing World Order> selected by JINJUNG BookStore

  • 2021

    • Hanbit Biz published the Bestseller <Tale of overnight developed country> in 2021
    • Hanbit Academy acquired the Trading & Management publishing company, expanded into business & economy fields
    • Korea publisher society inaugurates Kim Taeheon, CEO of Hanbit, as the chairman

  • 2020

    • Hanbit Publishing Network launched its YouTube channel(Hanbit TV)
    awarded as APCTP's the Science Book of the Year 2020
    • Redefine company vision statement and Core values

  • 2019

    • Hosted DevGround 2019 conference
    • Hanbit Media published the best selling series
    • Hanbit Biz published the best selling <~ in Cartoon> series and named as Science Book of the Year by APCTP (Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics

  • 2018

    • Launched Rental service about Hanbit facilities
    • Launched Realtime Web Book service
    • 『Mom's speaking practice』, 『Principles』 selected as bestseller

  • 2017

    • Moved new office Hanbit Building
    • Hanbit Academy published 『Middle School Information Textbook』
    • Awarded for the 2017 publisher of the year from Korea Publisher Society

  • 2016

    • Hosted 'Maker Faire Seoul 2016'
    • Hosted Conference on 'I am a programmer 2016'.
    • 『Broad and Shallow Knowledge of intellectual Conversations』 sold more than a million copies.

  • 2015

    • Hosted 'RT:FM 2015', 'Maker Faire Seoul 2015'
    • Hosted 'RT:FM', Conference on 'I am a programmer'
    • 『Broad and Shallow Knowledge of intellectual Conversations』 sold more than half million copies within a year

  • 2014

    • 『Effective Baby Feeding & Sleeping Timetable』, 『EAT MOVE SLEEP』 selected as best health and parenting book by the Ministry of Health and Welfare
    • Hanbit Academy published 『Essential of Electronic Circuitss』
    • Hanbit Biz Published the best selling book 『Broad and Shallow Knowledge of intellectual Conversations』

  • 2013

    • Established Hanbit Academy (January 8th)
    • Launched Hanbit Life
    • 『Library of the 40 Somethings』, 『Start Studying World Economy Now』 selected as best liberal arts book by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism

  • 2012

    • Published 『The Tasty Series』, 『MSE Series』
    • Hosted 'RT:FM', 'Maker Faire Seoul'
    • Launched Hanbit eBook Real Time
    • 『Liberal Arts Library of the Economist』 selected as book of the month by Korean Publication Ethics Commission

  • 2011

    • Published 『Make Magazine』

  • 2010

    • 『Mastering Android Programming』 selected as bestseller
    • Published 『Mobile Series』
    • Launched readers comunnity 'The Hanbit Readers'

  • 2009

    • Published 『The Acceptance Series』
    • Published 100th book of 『IT CookBook Series』

  • 2008

    • Established Hanbit Biz (January 3rd)
    • Moved new office building(May 3rd)
    • Published 『IT CookBook for beginner series』
    • 『Start Studying Foreign Exchange Rates Now』 selected as bestseller

  • 2007

    • Certified as an Innovation SME
    • Published 『Blog2Book Series』

  • 2006

    • 『Good Photographic Compositions for Good Photos』 selected as best seller

  • 2005

    • Published 『Stimulate Your Brain Series』, 『Skills for the Workplace Series』
    • Published 『The Family Tree House Series』
    • 『Microsoft Excel 2003 for the Workplace』 selected as best seller

  • 2004

    • Exported publication rights for 『3D Game Programming』, 『Online Game Server Programming』

  • 2003

    • Published 『IT CookBook Series』
    • Innovated the university textbooks market with the publication of differentiated content

  • 2002

    • Published 『IT EXPERT series』, 『IT Baek Du Dae Gwan series』
    • Innovated the IT book market with new domestic books

  • 1999

    • Launched Hanbit Media website

  • 1997

    • Established a contract with U.S.' O'Reilly and a Korean distributor and translator
    • Published the first Korean version of O'Reilly's 『Web Master in a Nutshell』

  • 1996

    • Published 『Korean Office 95 for Beginners』, 『Korean Windows 95 for Beginners』

  • 1993

    • Founded Hanbit Media (March 19th)